The Myu Chronicles

The Dancing Lion, the Warlock, and the Wardrobe

Myu Chronicles
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An RPS action/adventure/romance with epic battle sequences and magical creatures.

*pnish* are the chosen humans destined to become Kings of Narnia and do battle against the White Warlock and the minions of his ice palace. They must return peace and eternal summer to the mythical world and discover the ability to love and forgive that lie within each of them.

Welcome to The Myu Chronicles, a joint writing project between kooriyoukai and dria_uesugi that crosses The Chronicles of Narnia with TeniMyu and *pnish*, and manages to make sense!

Updates are not set on a fixed date, but they do happen! If one of us isn't posting our side of the story, the other most definitely will be.

TutixNagayan, EijixDaiki, KazukixShirota, SaitouxRuito
Mamo+Shunri, and other additions as they strike our fancy

Well known actors are used liberally throughout the story and twisted to our own devices (talking animals, anyone?) but this tale is entirely a work of fiction and has no association with the men mentioned within or with C.S. Lewis' timeless tale of good and evil and magical worlds.

All manips by fencer_x. We love her!

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